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The first season of Coke Studio Bangla ended in ‘Hey Samalo’

The first season of Coke Studio Bangla ended in ‘Hey Samalo’
The first season of Coke Studio Bangla ended in ‘Hey Samalo’

Coke Studio Bangla started its journey to Bangladesh on February 7 this year. The first song ‘Nasek Nasek’ was released on 23 February. And on Thursday (01 September) the last song of this season ‘Hey Samalo’ was released on YouTube channel and Facebook page of the platform. Bappa Majumder, Samina Chowdhury, Arnab, Sunidhi Naik, Rituraj and Kana have given voice to the song. There are also Animes Roy, Rubaiyat, Masha and many others.

Sharing the song, Coke Studio Bangla said, ‘Love for the Bengali language is the last performance of our first season. See you soon in the second season of Coke Studio Bangla. ‘

About ‘Hey Samalo’, Coke Studio Bangla said, “They want to pay tribute to the indomitable spirit and rebellious character of Bangladeshis. This song is made by a fusion of two songs ‘Hey Samalo’ written by Salil Chowdhury and ‘Ora Amar Mukher Bhasha’ written by Abdul Latif. The 1948 farmers’ protest for their rights, which later turned into a revolt, was when the song ‘Hey Samalo’ was composed. And the context of the song ‘Ora Amar Mukha Bhasha’ is the language movement of 1952, behind which was the belief that freedom of expression is a fundamental human right.

Incidentally, the total number of songs released in the first season of Coke Studio Bangla is 9. In the new music production, music producer Shayan Chowdhury Arnab has done fusion with multiple songs. Since its inception, Coke Studio Bangla has reached 8 lakh YouTube subscribers in a short span of time. And the number of followers on its Facebook page is 3 lakh 30 thousand. The total number of views of the songs is 7 crores. ‘Bhaber Pagal’ and ‘Nasek Nasek’ share the top spot with 1.5 crore views.

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