Being an outsider, a film flop means the end of a career, there is no shelter in Bollywood, worries Kartik Aaryan

Banglahunt the desk: The whole world has changed in the last two years, many things have changed. Especially in the world of entertainment, there is a storm of change. Bollywood, the country’s biggest film industry, is practically sinking. Only two films have become blockbuster hits this year so far. Among them, one is ‘The Kashmir Files’, the second is ‘Bhulbulaiya 2’. While tabar superstars are counting losses, on the other hand Kartik Aaryan is riding the tide of success.

In these two years, the unwritten rules of Bollywood have also changed. There is no longer any difference between star children and outsiders. Whose film is preferred by the audience. But despite this, Karthik’s thoughts do not leave behind. He wants to try his best.

Karthik is the so called outsider in Bollywood. He got the opportunity to act in advertisements on the big screen. According to Karthik, he has no safe haven in this industry. So to survive here, you have to work hard. He cannot handle the shock of the flop.

In a recent interview, Karthik said, “There is no one to support me in this industry. I don’t know how a star child feels. But being an outsider, I somehow feel that if a film flops, there may be a perception that it will destroy my career. And then I wouldn’t have anyone to do a project of that size for me.”

As an outsider, flopping a film is quite risky, says Karthik. Karthik left his engineering studies to fulfill his dream of acting. He entered Bollywood with ‘Peyar Ka Panchanama’. Since then, Karthik has acted in one film after another. He wants to buy a private jet in the future.