Dighi dressed his wife 15 times with this!

On Friday, a new picture of Dighi’s bridal outfit was shared from a Facebook page. But Dighi did not share the pictures. Another picture from the photoshoot posted on August 23 adorning the walls of Dighi. He appeared in a very splendid dress in the film. There is also some appeal in the eyes.

But on Friday, Dighi was contacted after seeing a new picture of his wife. Asked how many times the wife dressed to take this? Dighi smiled and replied that this is my 15th bridal shoot!

It is known that Dighi shot this bridal for Mirror magazine. But all his followers know that Dighi’s wife likes to dress up. Earlier he also told the media. Dighi then said, actually more bridal shoots are done with me. So, while doing bridal shoot, a kind of fondness has been created for brides. Wife likes to dress up.


A few days after that love, Dighi shared a picture of her in a bridal outfit on social media. The actress also shared Tiktok videos in bridal attire.

Meanwhile, a new chapter has begun in Dighi’s life. He got admission in media studies and journalism in a private university in the capital. His class is starting soon. So you may have to take a break from showbiz work for a few days. That too until settling into university life.

Dighi’s latest promotional work is a web film titled ‘The Last Letter’. A new movie titled ‘Shravan Josnai’ starring him is awaiting release.

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