Anant Barsha will go to Egypt with The Day

Anant Barsha will go to Egypt with The Day
Anant Barsha will go to Egypt with The Day

Anant Jalil and Varsha, the star couple of the Dhaka film, have been plagued with discussion and criticism. The duo’s movie ‘Din: The Day’ was released on Eid-ul-Azha this year. Not only movie related people but people all over the country had a wonderful expression about the budget of the movie. But they went ahead without paying attention to that. Keeping aside all discussions and criticism, this pair is traveling to far Egypt with ‘Din: The Day’.

It is known that the film festival of Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival will be held from October 5 to 10. The 38th edition of the festival will be held in Cairo, the capital of the country, jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture of Egypt and the administration of Alexandria. Anant-Vorsha will appear there with the movie ‘Din: The Day’ from Bangladesh.

In this context, Anant said, ‘This is really great news. This festival is famous for films. The government of Egypt is directly involved. Nice to be invited here. Hope it will be a great experience.’

Actress Varsha said, ‘I feel very honored by this invitation They invited both of us. Movies from different parts of the world are screened here, famous and talented people come Hope to have a wonderful experience with them in this 5-day festival.’

Meanwhile, the shooting of the duo’s new movie ‘Netri: The Leader’ is half over. Rest of the work will start soon. Also, his new movie titled ‘Kill Him’ is scheduled to be screened at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation on Saturday, September 03. For the first time, Anant will be seen working as an artist without producing a movie.

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