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Soumdeep Das in the car with Srilekha

Popular Kolkata actress Srilekha Mitra. He was once a regular on the screen. Acting has always caught everyone’s attention. He also has a great presence on social media.


This actress often talks with different messages. Recently Srilekha has been widely discussed regarding her birthday party. He accepted people’s sarcasm and bad comments on social media. Later, in response to that sarcasm, Srilekha wrote, ‘My video of drinking alcohol has been made viral by everyone in the Trinamool Congress. Poor people, they all drink cheap Bengali liquor with stolen money. Maybe it hurt to see me drinking expensive wine. I drank alcohol on my birthday, in my own house, on my own money. Don’t eat on anyone’s inspiration. Netizens are criticizing the actress more harshly after such a reply.

Soumdeep Das with Srilekha in the picture posted yesterday

This Toli actress had to face a lot of discussion and criticism for her reply. However, he posted a picture from his Facebook ID again. In the picture posted by him on Wednesday (August 31), he can be seen sitting in the car with his seat belt fastened and Soumdeep Das driving the car next to him. In the caption of that post, he wrote, ‘Come on, do the news now. Shall I tell you what the headline will be, or you can do it yourself?’ Then he also wrote, ‘Look, don’t spread again!’ He also tagged Soumydeep in that post.

Soumdeep Das with Srilekha in the picture posted yesterday

Srilekha’s fans are commenting a lot on that post. However, along with good comments, netizens are also making sarcastic comments. But everyone knows that Srilekha is not the one to pay attention to these things. Because the scale of courage in Tolipara is much heavier than others of this appealing actress!

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