Vidya Balan | Vidya Balan says ‘aapko kya’ in bathtub, fans say ‘she did better than actual Anupamaa’ dgtl

It cannot be said that you are taking a bath. The bathtub is dry. Meanwhile, actress Vidya Balan was caught in the mood of bathing. Sitting in an empty bathtub wearing a white bathrobe. Sometimes with a cheerful smile, sometimes with wide eyes, ‘Sherni’ caught the attention.

The actress recreated the ‘Aapko Kya’ scene from the popular Hindi serial ‘Anupama’. The funny video is already viral. Fans can’t stop laughing.

Rupali Gangopadhyay is in the lead role in ‘Anupama’. His dialogue ‘Apko Kya’ (What’s yours) has become hugely popular lately. Vidya made her own version of that dialogue while sitting in the bathtub.

In Rupali’s dialogue, Vidya can be heard saying, “I walk around, dance or sing, go out alone or with someone, wherever I go, when I go, rejoice or cry— what’s yours?” The actress posted the video with this caption.

Fans are excited to see that. Someone wrote, ‘This time the right dialogue is sitting on the right person’s face.’ Someone else wrote, ‘ Vidya Kei Manaye.’

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