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After Mumbai, now ‘JK 1971’ awarded in Istanbul

Fakhrul Arefin Khan’s first international movie ‘JK 1971’ about the liberation war won the best historical film award at the Mumbai International Film Festival recently. Now happy news came from Istanbul!

Film competitions are organized every month in Istanbul to encourage good film production. The film festival called ‘Istanbul Film Awards’ holds private screenings of submitted films every month. Judges decide the best picture of the month. Last August’s ‘Best Narrative Feature Film’ was chosen as ‘JK 1971’. This information is given on the website of Istanbul Film Awards.

Reneta June

On December 13, 1971, with a bomb in his bag and a revolver in his hand, a French national, Jean Queue, climbed into the cockpit of a Pakistan International Airways Boeing 720 aircraft parked at Orly Airport in Paris, France. He parked the plane on the runway for five hours. His only demand was 20 tons of medicines and relief materials for the refugees of Bangladesh’s liberation war!


Fakhrul Arefin Khan, famous for ‘Bhuban Majhi’, has made a movie about the 28-year-old brave young man. His movie name is ‘JK 1971’. It is being called ‘the first international movie on liberation war.’

Saurabh Shubra Das from West Bengal played the role of the adventurous French young man Jean Que in the movie. Sabyasachi Chakraborty, a talented actor from West Bengal, worked in Fakhrul’s film for the second time after ‘Gandi’.

Also, about 36 other actors including actor Francisco Raymond of the United States and Russian actress Deria Govrusenko, actor Nikolai Novominsky and Indranil from West Bengal have played various roles.


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