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The first season of ‘Coke Studio Bangla’ ends with mass music

Coke Studio Bangla ended the first season with mass music. The first season was announced by sharing the folk song ‘Hey Samalo’ on their official Facebook page on Thursday (September 1).

The last song of the first season, ‘Hey Samalo’, was informed by Coke Studio Bangla, ‘We have never given an inch to claim our rights. Every time there was an obstacle, we moved in protest. And one of the means of that protest was our mass music. The song ‘Hey Samalo’ is a living document of the awakening of people’s durbar, to speak out for their rights. This song written by Salil Chowdhury about the Tevaga movement of such deprived people in 1946-1948.

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Not only ‘Hey Samalo’, but the juxtaposition of this song with the popular song ‘Ora Amar Mukh Katha’ written in the context of the language movement creates another dimension. It is also said in this regard, ‘Protest begets another protest. And so, in 1952, the ruling group’s attack on our language, the brave Bengalis stood against it. That’s when Abdul Latif’s immortal creation ‘Ora Amar Mukha Katha’ was born. That timeless song when the tiny band of Bandarbans created strange magical tunes on their own flutes. Added to this is the Raibeshe war dance which is one of the oldest folk dances.’


The song is sung by Samina Chowdhury, Bappa Majmudar, Arnav, Kona, Sunidhi and a host of familiar faces from ‘Coke Studio Bangla’. Sharing the song, Coke Studio Bangla said, ‘Love for Bengali language is the last performance of our first season. See you soon in the second season of ‘Coke Studio Bangla’.

The first season’s theme song ‘Ekla Chalo Re’ was released at the opening ceremony of Coke Studio Bangla. That’s the beginning. Then the first season of Coke Studio Bangla was arranged in ten songs. The first song of the season was ‘Nasek Nasek’, sung by Animesh Roy and Panth Kanai, the song went down a storm. After that, several songs became popular.

In the first season, apart from Animesh Panth, Bappa Majumder, Samina Chowdhury, Mumtaz, Arnab, Baga Taleb, Rituraj, Kaniz Khandkar Mitu, Jalali Set (Band), Tahsan Rahman Khan, Dilshad Nahar Kana, Nigar Sumi, Masha Islam, Sanjida Mahmud Nandita sang. , Soumyadeep Murshidabadi and many others.


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