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Coming ‘there is no ground under the feet’

Coming ‘there is no ground under the feet’
Coming ‘there is no ground under the feet’

No drama or film production experience. He did not work with anyone as an assistant director. Still, he made the movie ‘Paer Tala Mati Nai’. The movie has received uncut clearance from the Censor Board for release in Bangladesh. According to Censor Board sources, the movie was allowed to be released without any cuts.

National Film Award winning actress Deepanvita Martin, Mustafa Manwar, Priyam Archie etc. have acted in various roles in the movie. Produced by renowned filmmaker Abu Shahed Imon.

Producer Eamon said, ‘The story of the tension that climate change can have on a person’s life has come up in the movie ‘Paer Tala Mati Nai’. It has been screened at various festivals around the world and has garnered acclaim and accolades. Now the tide of cinema is blowing in Bangladesh. I believe the audience will enjoy the well-made and well-thought-out movie.’

Director Rabbi Mridha said, ‘The movie is 95 minutes long. We have highlighted here the changes that come in the life of a person due to the impact of climate change, he comes from the village to the city and engages in the struggle to stand up. The movie will be released in the theaters of the country soon.

The movie has been screened at 14 prestigious film festivals in the world including 26th Busan International Film Festival, 52nd Goa International Film Festival, Bengaluru, Pune, Sri Lanka, Japan, Nepal, Austria, London, Canada, Australia. It has brought fame and honor from those places.


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