‘Beauty Circus’ campaign started with information minister’s poster

‘Beauty Circus’ campaign started with information minister’s poster
‘Beauty Circus’ campaign started with information minister’s poster

Finally, the release day of the much awaited film ‘Beauty Circus’ is finally here. The film is going to release in theaters on September 23.

Director Mahmud Didar has confirmed the release date of the film. The film was produced by Impress Telefilm, which was sponsored by the Government of Bangladesh.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr. Thursday night (August 31). Producer Mahmud Didar officially started the campaign by handing over the poster of the film to Hasan Mahmud.

He said, people’s expectations and love for ‘Beauty Circus’ before its release is unimaginable. Our long fight with the film is coming to an end.

Mahmud Didar said, we are grateful for the cooperation of the Ministry of Information in the long journey of making the film. The film is going to release on September 23. Hopefully, the audience will enjoy this great movie in the cinema hall, the holder of our history, heritage and culture.

The director also said that the poster of the film will be unveiled on social media at 8 pm tonight.

On February 6, 2017, the filmmakers with the participation of about 2000 villagers with the participation of 200 construction crews took part in the grand yajna of the circus in Sapahar and Manikganj of Naogaon. For this, the builder built a huge circus pandal and organized village fairs.

Although production began in 2017, the film’s scope and massive production took nearly five years to complete. The release of the much awaited film has also been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The star-studded film is finally going to hit the silver screen.

Jaya Ahsan, a popular Bengali actress, is appearing on the country’s big screen after a long time through this film. The other characters of the film are played by the protagonist Ferdous Ahmed, Taukir Ahmed, ABM Sumon, Shatabdi Wadud, Gazi Rakayet, Humayun Sadhu, Manisa Archi and others.

In the film, Jaya Ahsan is dressed as a circus girl ‘Beauty’. Three songs were used in the film. The songs were sung by Sharmin Sultana Sumi of Chirkoot Band, Evan and Tuntun Baul of Ashes Band.


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