Failed Nawab Gharni’s attempt to turn around

Failed Nawab Gharni’s attempt to turn around
Failed Nawab Gharni’s attempt to turn around

He has acted with Aamir Khan before. The movie ‘Three Idiots’ added a different dimension to Kareena’s career, especially before she got married to the ‘Chhote Nawab’ of Bollywood. But Kareena flop with Aamir! Kareena Kapoor is also the heroine of Aamir Khan’s ‘Lal Singh Chadda’, which was released last month. By now everyone knows about the commercial failure of the movie.

Nawab Gharni is naturally upset. The actress was also the victim of a rumor before the release of the movie. It was said that Kareena is going to be a mother for the third time. There was a reason for this. A picture of Swami sitting next to Saif surfaced a couple of months ago. Where Kareena’s Sfitodar is clearly seen. And this is the rumor of becoming a mother again! However, in response to this rant, Kareena jokingly said, ‘Pasta and wine have made my stomach bloated.’

And explained, ‘Photoshopped the picture. I went on a 40-day vacation. I ate a lot of pizza. That’s why this condition of the stomach has happened. Swollen stomach means pregnancy? Am I a baby-making machine?’ Meanwhile, Kareena has hinted to get into the production herself to solve Lal Singh Chadha’s grief. Recently such news has also been published. Although he has not yet opened his mouth about it. But for now he is waiting for Sujoy Ghosh’s ‘Devotion of Suspect X’. It will be released on OTT platform.

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