Life’s best achievement, I am stunned: Bappa

Life’s best achievement, I am stunned: Bappa
Life’s best achievement, I am stunned: Bappa

Bappa Majumdar

Eric Clapton is a renowned British blues rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer and music director. This man is the name of a passion in the life of Bappa Majumdar.

Because Bappa has followed his guitar for a long time.

Bappa Muzamdar accidentally got the guitar signed by this star! How about the subject? This actually happened. Clapton’s well-wishers surprise Bappa with a signed guitar.

Bappa is emotional after receiving the guitar. This star of the country’s music said this through a post on his Facebook.

Posting a picture of him holding a guitar there, the ‘Din Bari Jaye’ singer wrote, ‘The best achievement of my life. Shahan, Imran Asif and Chaiti’s plans are signed by my guru Eric Clapton on my Fender Strat. I am speechless, I am stunned!’

It is known that this surprise was given to Bappa Majumdar by Shahan Kabandh, Imran Asif and Chaiti, the manager and lyricist of ‘Dalchut’. Basically, Bappa likes Eric Clapton very much so Shahan and the rest did such a thing to surprise him.

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