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What is Pooja-Jovan doing in Bangkok?

What is Pooja-Jovan doing in Bangkok?
What is Pooja-Jovan doing in Bangkok?

Sometimes Pooja Cheri is sitting with her feet in the swimming pool, sometimes standing on the balcony of the resort. Sometimes he wanders the shopping mall. On the other hand, small screen actor Jovan Ahmed was caught on camera at different locations of the resort. Playwright Mahmudur Rahman Himi is with him. Such a scene can be seen in several stills of the two actors of the two mediums.

Although Pooja-Jovan cannot be seen in one frame, it can be guessed that these pictures were taken at the same resort! But the question is where are they now? What are you doing in the same location? While searching for the answer to this question of the netizens, it is known that Pooja-Jovan is currently staying in Bangkok, Thailand. But what are they doing there?

The point is, Himi is making a web film. A few days ago, Pooja, Jovan and many others traveled to Bangkok to shoot this web film called ‘Pari’. It is written by Raihan Khan on the story of Saju Muntasir. And in this film Pooja is the hero Jovan. This is Jovan’s first work for the OTT platform.

But what kind of story is being made ‘Pari’? The producer did not open his mouth about this. It is known that Pooja will be seen in the role of a bar dancer in the movie. Who is smuggled from Bangladesh to Bangkok. From there, Pooja tried to return to the country.

Tariq Anam Khan, Bachchu, Cynthia etc. will also be seen in various roles in the movie. The web film is being produced under the banner of 1952. Pooja-Jovan is scheduled to return home on September 5.

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