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Star-studded new serial ‘Shahrbas’

Mohan’s family with mother Amena, wife Labani, brother Rahi; On the other hand, Chandan’s family consists of father Saif, wife Sandhya and sister Jhinuk. Mohan’s family includes Tamiz, his wife Kamla and Surat Ali. Mohan, Chandan, Sandhya — studied together. At that time, apart from friendship, another relationship developed between them.

Mohan grew up in the village. Moves to cities for studies and returns to villages after completing studies. But Sandalwood grows in the city. Following an incident, Chandan said, Mohan has no merit to live in the city. This impresses Mohan and he decides to live in the city. But Mohan’s mother Amena Begum is not willing to leave her husband’s house in any way. Mohan convinces his mother by agreeing to various conditions.

Finally Mohan comes to town with his family. But it simply does not take sandalwood; And even if Mohan does not understand this, his wife Sandhya understands. This is how the conflict, conflict, love, tension of the story begins. The story of the drama ‘Shaharbas’ is based on such a story.

The drama is based on the shadow of the famous novelist Manik Bandopadhyay’s novel ‘Shahrbaser Itikatha’. Arif Khan directed this play written by Masum Reza.

Raonak Hasan, Imtiaz Barshan, Sanjida Preeti, Nabila Islam, Golam Kibria Tanveer, Tanjika Amin, Majnoon Mizan, Dolly Zahoor, Shahidul Alam Sacchu, Bijri Barkatullah, Mayabi Maya etc. acted in various roles in the drama. This series will be aired on NTV from today (September 1) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8:20 PM.

The article is in Bengali

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