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Pregnant Devina sweats it out at the gym (VIDEO)

Popular Indian TV serial actress Devina Banerjee is going to be a mother again. She continues to exercise regularly even during pregnancy. Recently, a video of his bodybuilding caught the attention of netizens.

Debina posted a workout video on Instagram last Tuesday (August 30). The actress is seen sweating it out in the gym wearing a black bralette-leggings. The imprint of motherhood is evident on her body. Still lifting dumbbells in a fluent manner, doing squats. Exercising with a medicine ball. He is assisted by a gym instructor.

He wrote in the caption, ‘A glimpse of how to exercise easily with the help of a trainer. Keep your body healthy, mind calm. Stay close to loved ones. My only goal is that I and my child be well. I exercise to ensure this.’

Incidentally, star couple Gurmeet and Devina got married after dating for 6 years. They were waiting for a child for a long time. He has also consulted different doctors for a long time. On April 3, their first child was born. The star couple announced the arrival of their second child before the girl was 4 months old.

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