Who is the artist of the song ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’?

Wherever I go, I hear everyone singing the song ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’. This song of the film ‘Hawa’, directed by Mejbaur Rahman Sumon, which is waiting for release on July 29, has become the people’s song!

This is now a favorite song on everyone’s playlist. This song is sung by Erfan Mridha Shibalu. But who is he? Whose voice is now on everyone’s lips?

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Shivalu is not a professional singer. However, he likes to sing since childhood. He sings in friends’ chats or at home.

‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’ is the original artist Hashim Mahmood. Written and composed by him. In the late 90s, ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’ was the favorite song of the chatty people who gathered at Shahbagh, TSC, movie theaters. Director Suman was studying in the Fine Arts Faculty of DU at that time. Maybe then decide to do a proper assessment of this song one day! did so The real artist Hashim Mahmood was ill due to old age and could not sing with him despite his efforts. Later director Suman decided to sing with Erfan Mridha Shibulu. After 12 days of release, this song spread all over the country.

Erfan Mridha Shiblu is praising the success of the song. Talking to Channel I Online, he was repeatedly recalling Hashim Mahmood, the mastermind behind the success of the song.

He was saying, thank God that people like the song so much. My playback in Suman Bhai’s first film, it was a great achievement. Many people have tried to sing this song of Hashim bhai before but no one tried it commercially. Attempts were made to get the song done by Hashim Bhai, but it was not possible as he was ill. But I tried to sing my way.

Shiblu said that he was feeling a bit bad because he could not sing with the original artist Hashim Mahmud before giving voice to the song. As he said, there was already an idea that people would like the song. Not only ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’, Hashim Mahmood Bhai has many songs that touch the heart. I will get the most pleasure if those related to music take the initiative to give him those songs. But I think Hashim Mahmud Bhai got more recognition through the countrymen through this song from the movie ‘Hawa’.

Erfan Mridha Shibalu also spoke about himself. He said, he is a person from Dhaka. All my childhood and youth were spent in Dhaka. However, since Shiblu’s popularity as a singer has increased, he said in the beginning, “When I was a child, I saw that my mother and uncle used to sing together. That’s when I started liking music. After studying in Nazrul School and Chaynat, I took formal music training for some time. I sang at home and with friends. Besides, no audio song or music video has been done before my official ‘Hawa’. ‘Hawa’ was my first song on my main platform or playback. As per the director’s decision, I am only in the song, working behind the scenes in the film ‘Hawa’ even though I am not in front of it.

Erfan Mridha Shiblu regularly works in the advertising sector. Also working for 12 years in a professional theater group called ‘Center for Asian Theatre’ (CAT). He was in Sisimpur for two years. Shiblu said, after Sisimpur, Animesh acted in a few plays of Aicher. Also worked as his assistant director. From there Mejbaur Rahman met Sumon in 2012. In between, he worked in three films Guerrilla, Achena Hriday, Na Mandu. Shiblu said that he is working on two more new songs in the future.

Erfan Mridha Shiblu said, I work in all mediums of drama, advertisement, film. There is also music practice. I have always been emotional about music above all else. I have done about 40 advertisements. I have done about 25 dramas. Kajal Arefin worked on the first episode of Ami’s popular serial ‘Bachelor Point’ (Season 3). Palash (Ziaul Haque Palash) calls bachelor point as I have a good relationship. I was a fan of Bhai, I used to watch this drama regularly; Marjuk Bhai, Chazhi Bhai also liked it, so I joined this play when I got the chance.

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