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Aditi Munshi | What causes voice box injury and how to treat that dgtl

Aditi Munshi | What causes voice box injury and how to treat that dgtl
Aditi Munshi | What causes voice box injury and how to treat that dgtl

Climate change, environmental pollution, restless throat work. At this time, many people are facing problems like voice breaking or hearing loss. Common people, teachers, musicians are also in danger. Musicians are busy during this period of the festival. They have to cancel one program after another due to vocal problems. Again, regular schools and colleges start after Puja vacation. Many people have to speak loudly and shout due to the urge of profession. In that case too, they are facing problems while speaking. Recently, musician Aditi Munshi also faced such problems, told Anandabazar Online. Doctors have advised him to take ‘voice rest’ for now. So he had to cancel one program after another.

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Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors usually blame changes in weather for such problems. But pollution has a substantial hand in exacerbating the problem. In medical terms this type of problem is called ‘voice box injury’. If affected by this disease, it is difficult to make a sound through the throat. Talking, singing or teaching is bound to be a problem. Many people have a normal voice again in the morning. As time goes on, the tone of the voice changes. The voice needs to gain speed. The constant performance of professional artistes and the habit of not resting the throat further aggravates such problems. If you have small children at home, you have to talk to them behind your back. Even then the throat does not rest. Unwanted nodules or tumors can also occur on the larynx.

How to control the problem?

Climate change or pollution cannot be controlled. But it is possible to be aware. People who have to speak or sing for professional reasons should take care of throat in cold, heat, wear face mask to protect from smoke, dust, do not drink cold water or ice cream, regularly gargle with lukewarm water or take steam of hot water after returning home. . Can’t talk or sing. You have to take a break of 10 minutes. If the problem is serious, consult a doctor. Without a laryngoscope, it is not possible to understand exactly where the problem is inside the throat from the outside.

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