Skiny love on a wet body, warm video even in winter

Skiny love on a wet body, warm video even in winter
Skiny love on a wet body, warm video even in winter

Whenever a hit couple is talked about in the Bhojpuri world, the names of Nirhua (Dinesh Lal Yadav) and Amrapali Dub come to mind first. Nirhua and Amrapali Dubey are megastars of the Bhojpuri world. Nirhua and Amrapali Dubey have been seen storming the big screen many times together.

The Bhojpuri songs that are seen on social media are mostly from Nirhua and Amrapali Dub. Nirhua and Amrapali Dubey may appear in thousands of music albums together, but fans will love to watch each other’s videos. These days Nirhua is seen dominating not only Bhojpuri movies but also the world of politics. His special friend Amrapali Dubey is supporting him in this new journey. We bring you the trending songs of Bhojpuri world every day. Even today it will not be otherwise. This song which is trending on social media even today is brought to you through this report.

In this viral video, Nirhua and Amrapali Dube are seen soaking under the shower. This video of Nirhua and Amrapali Dub is creating a stir on the internet. The song was released in Nirhua Music World a few years ago. Amrapali Dubey is seen in a very happy hot look in this song. Amrapali Dube’s acting in a wet avatar is driving Neerhua crazy. The song has been viewed nearly fifty million times.

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