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How much did Soumya-Divya get in the first act?

How much did Soumya-Divya get in the first act?
How much did Soumya-Divya get in the first act?

Saumya Jyoti and Divine Jyoti; Two sons of star couple Shahnaz Khushi-Brindavan Das. Like their parents, they are already quite popular as actors. Acted in movies as well as drama-web content. Divya was seen in the role of young Bangabandhu in ‘Mujib: Shaper of a Nation’.

Meanwhile, Soumya played the teenage role of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in the movie ‘Dusahasi Khoka’. Earlier, these two twin brothers have won praise in popular films or series like ‘Kaiser’, ‘Karagar 2’, ‘Internship’ and ‘Mahanagar 2’. To say, now they are continuously acting in various dramas and movies.

Soumya-Divya used to go shooting with their parents as children. They are engaged in acting in the midst of this going and coming. He didn’t understand anything about acting then. Seeing them often in the shooting, the directors suggested that one day they would suddenly act. Well, that’s how it started.

It is known that Soumya’s first performance was in a play named ‘Paduka Bitan’. He was seen in only two scenes. He played the childhood role of talented actor Chanchal Chowdhury. Shahnaz Khushi also played a guest role in this drama directed by Syed Shakeel. Soumya received 1 thousand rupees as the first remuneration. He was studying only in class two-three then.

And Divya’s first play was ‘Santan’. But he got his first paycheck in a drama serial called ‘Pathshala’ directed by his maternal uncle playwright Hafiz Redu. Mita Noor, Murad Parvez, Banya Mirza etc. played other roles in it. Divya received 10 thousand rupees as remuneration. The check is still carefully kept by mother Shahnaz Khushi. He shared a glimpse of it on social media on Monday afternoon.

In the caption, the actress wrote, “Kids are really omnipotent, at least for me. Not only have I poured all my time into them and cherished them, I have also treasured the memories/moments. So that I do not forget any moment! I don’t know why I did these things as if I were hungry even in such a tireless battle! I don’t know why I didn’t get tired/forgot to do these things. This was my labor/sweat festival. The check below is Divya’s first acting fee. He was only 6 years old. Money may be mixed with basic needs or other liquid money, but memory is written and laminated like this. At that time, if we sat together as a family about some purchases, Divya would say buy with my money, even if the account is to buy a house!

Incidentally, Divya-Soumya recently acted together in a web film titled ‘Maya’ by filmmaker Animesh Aich. It is based on a short story by fiction writer Vibhutibhushan Banerjee. Other roles include Mamunur Rashid, Brindavan Das, Tanveer Hossain Prabal, Tapur, Tupur, Golam Farida Chanda and many others.

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