Imon fulfilled his dream by going to Bangladesh, who did the singer meet?

Imon fulfilled his dream by going to Bangladesh, who did the singer meet?
Imon fulfilled his dream by going to Bangladesh, who did the singer meet?

Personal Representative: The stars of both Bengals are in full swing in both countries. Popular Robi singer Eamon Chakraborty went to Dhaka before the World Cup. Sometimes stars have to travel abroad to perform concerts. Similarly, Emon’s call has come to Dhaka. Just before the World Cup final, Emon spoke about Bangladesh in a bitter voice. Eamon even informed about the inactivity of Hotstar app in that country. So he wanted to know from the fans how it is possible to watch the World Cup again.

But unfortunately, even though he watched the game, India’s defeat in the World Cup arena is still painful in the hearts of the entire countrymen. In any case, Eamon brought many funny videos from Bangladesh not empty-handed. Also fulfilled a dream. The ‘former’ singer has shared all of it on Instagram stories. Emon also met Chanchal Chowdhury, a popular hero of two Bengals, while visiting the neighboring country. Is it just that? The two have also sung a song together. The fact that Eamon has thoroughly enjoyed his visit to Bangladesh while working is shining on the singer’s Instagram. On this day, he posted a video saying that actor Chanchal Chowdhury met him there. He also sang the song ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’ with the actor. In the video, it was seen, wearing a black saree, standing next to Chanchal with a microphone, singing the song Saada Saada Kala Kala from the film Hawa.

Chanchal gives Eamon worthy company in Punjabi over jeans. It was clear that both of them enjoyed the moment quite happily. Posting this video, Eamon wrote on his social media, ‘After many days, I was so happy to go to Bangladesh. And this is possible for my friend Swapneel. I got to share the stage with Chanchal Chowdhury, the best and talented actor of our generation. At the same time, I sang Amar’s favorite song with him. And fans flooded under this video. Chanchal Chowdhury will next be seen in Sreejit Mukherjee’s Padaat. Chanchal will play the role of legendary director Mrinal Sen.

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