Sadi’s path

Sadi’s path
Sadi’s path

The current vocalist is Mohammad Sadikur Rahman Sadi. But he is better known as Sadi. In 2008, he started his journey in the music industry with the mixed album ‘Maner Manso’. Then came his 2nd mixed album ‘Ganshala’. In this album the song ‘Bandhu Tumi’ is popular. Later he played with another song titled ‘Premalay’. Then he never looked back. He is also available on several albums with popular artists in various production houses. In 2018

His debut solo album ‘Apeksha’ was released from the production company Soundtech. Its song ‘Fire Eso Na’ is a hit among the audience. He said that he played the audio out of the song. Sadi has lived with music since childhood. In 1999, he received the first award as a national child artist.
On the other hand, Sadi said, “I have never given up on my career in music, I have never been disappointed. I am always with the audience with my efforts and good songs. As a result, I created a class of audience in the country and abroad.
I want to be with music like this in the future.’ Outside the country, the singer performed stage shows in various countries including Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and America.

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