What message did Apu Biswas-Pooja Cheri give together?

What message did Apu Biswas-Pooja Cheri give together?
What message did Apu Biswas-Pooja Cheri give together?

Pooja Cheri is in love with Shakib Khan – a rumor spread on social media. Later, when Shakib was in the US, Pooja also became interested in going to the US, and the up-and-coming actress of the country even got a visa for the country. And that’s when the buzz got stronger.

After that various events happened, Pooja Cheri back again to the pavilion, i.e. Jazz multimedia room. Abdul Aziz, the leader of the organization, said that this also happened.

After those events fade away, Pooja suddenly appears with Apu. Talking to Apu with a smiling face. It was quite surprising that Anand was playing around them. It can be said that he came hand in hand in front of the camera during the National Film Awards ceremony on Monday evening.

When in the discussion about Bubli, there are rumors in the media that Bubli is in love, then the netizens seem to be looking for another message in Pooja and Apur’s friendship and laughter. Because she was in discussion as a lover, and Apu as a wife.

Their murder was also visible to Apu Biswas, you said Pooja. Pooja touches Apu and says, why are you so beautiful? Apu says you are my sister, you are beautiful so I am also beautiful.

In response to a question from journalists, Apu said, I hang out with Pooja even outside of work.

However, the way Apu Biswas and Pooja united in front of the camera, the message that the netizens are looking for cannot be said to be meaningless this time – but time will tell what is going to happen, what will happen.

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