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Purnima, the victim of politics, will reveal everyone’s name


Dilara Hanif Purnima is one of the most beautiful heroines of Dhakai film. Recently, he brought up the issue of being a victim of politics as a reason for leaving movies. Now Purnima said that they will reveal the names of those who disrupted the career of this heroine.

Purnima said, I will do a separate program on the issue of politics. I will tell you everything there. Why am I a victim of politics and who put me in this politics? I will name them all. For that you have to wait for some time.

A few days ago Purnima complained in an event and said that now films have decreased. Movies are not made like that. So many artists have stayed at home. Many great artists have died. There is some politics. Many did not get film work due to some politics. I am also a victim of politics! I have been left out of some movies too, I know. Although I say, I didn’t, but I missed out on a lot of movies while I was there. It happened because there was politics. Nothing to say now. Movies are down. FDC is also getting smaller now.

After a long break, Purnima worked in 3 movies together. Movies like ‘Ahare Jeevan’, ‘Gangchil’ and ‘Jam’ might hit the theaters after the national elections.


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