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Why women are more attracted to younger boys


Lifestyle Desk: Studies show that younger men are the first choice for women in their 40s to hook up with. At this middle age of life, women look for someone who will enrich them not in experience, but in excitement and madness. You can go back one more time by holding your partner’s hand. Apart from these, several other reasons have emerged in a recent study.

Attractive physique
Younger men’s muscular, strong personality is more attractive to older women. Older women’s first preference for physical intimacy is younger.

Lots of excitement
When two people of unequal ages engage in physical intercourse, there is naturally an overt attempt to prove oneself to the experienced partner. It is reflected in the enthusiasm of the youth.

Chances are if you build your mind
Being older and more experienced can teach the younger partner the ups and downs of a relationship. There is even an opportunity to learn various arts of physical enjoyment. Which most women like.

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Boosts ego
Women become more confident as a result of relationships with men younger than themselves. Be it love or physical relationship. Women get the satisfaction of enriching another person with their accumulated experience.

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