The movie that made Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Shilpa stars


The movie that made Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Shilpa stars

Entertainment Desk: The movie was released during Diwali 30 years ago today. One of the blockbuster movies of that year followed the release. Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Shilpa Shetty’s careers got a solid foundation with this movie.

By now the viewers who keep track of Hindi movies must have understood about the movie ‘Baazigar’ directed by Abbas-Mastan.

Today is the 30th anniversary of the release of one of the most popular movies of the nineties. The romantic thriller movie was released on November 12, 1993.

Director duo Abbas-Mastan were not doing well before the release of ‘Baazigar’, but this movie redeemed the shock of the previous flop. The movie is inspired by the Hollywood movie ‘A Kiss Before Dying’.

Akshay Kumar was first offered the role of Ajay Sharma aka Vicky Malhotra in the film. But he rejected it as a negative character. Later Ajay Devgan, Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and many others were offered. But everyone refuses for the same reason.

Sridevi was the director’s first choice for the heroine. Their idea was to cast Sridevi in ​​a dual role. But later two heroines Kajal and Shilpa Shetty were changed. Shah Rukh Khan, Kajal and Shilpa—all three were new at that time. There was a risk in making a movie with relatively lesser-known faces. After its release, ‘Baazigar’ became a blockbuster hit. With a budget of Rs 4 crore, the film has earned over Rs 32 crore. After that there was no looking back for Shah Rukh, Kajal or Shilpa.

Shah Rukh won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for the first time with ‘Baazigar’. Critics appreciated her performance in dual roles.

Like the movie, the songs of ‘Bajigar’ are very popular. Especially ‘Bajigar O Bajigar’, ‘Ye Kali Kali Akhi’ became hugely popular at that time. The film’s music director also won an award at Filmfare.

Buoyed by the massive popularity of ‘Baazigar’, South producers became interested in making a remake of the movie. So far ‘Bajigarh’ has had Telugu, Tamil and Kannada remakes.

Kajol expressed her excitement on Instagram on the occasion of the three-decade anniversary of ‘Baazigar’. He wrote, ‘I have many “firsts” associated with this movie. The first time I met Saroji (late choreographer Saroj Khan), the first time I met Anu Malik, the first time I met Shah Rukh, I was just 17… Abbas and Mastan Bhai kept me like a child.’

On the 30th anniversary of the beloved film, Hindi cinema fans also wrote their memoirs about ‘Baazigar’ on social media.

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