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Shakib-Sonal chemistry in movie songs


Shakib Khan’s Darad movie is currently being shot in Banaras, India. This is the first time this Bangladeshi superstar is working in an Indian movie. Bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan is opposite him in the film. Director Ananya Mamun has confirmed that the shooting of the movie has already been arranged through continuous shooting.

Meanwhile, during the shooting last Thursday night, the director of the movie Ananya Mamun released some stills of the film. Shakib-Sonal’s chemistry can be seen in those pictures! Two smiling people are romancing each other.

In the pictures, Shakib Khan is seen wearing loose black pants and a shirt, while Sonal is wearing a pink saree with floral motifs. It is known that Shakib-Sonal was caught on camera in such a romantic way during the shooting of a song of the film.

The director said that 90 percent shooting of the Indian part of the film will be completed this month. After that, the film is also scheduled to be shot in Bangladesh.

In the meantime, few looks of Shakib Khan have been revealed in the film.

Producer Ananya Mamun said that several new looks of this superstar will be seen in the film. A psycho thriller and romantic action story, Darad will release on Valentine’s Day next year.

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