Victim of politics, Purnima opened her mouth


Dilara Hanif Poornima is one of the most beautiful actresses in Dhaka cinema. He has given numerous commercially successful films throughout his career. But he too had to fall prey to film politics. You are a famous heroine who said that in your heart.

Regarding film politics, Purnima said that films have decreased a lot at present. It appears that many artists have stayed at home. Some are not getting film work because of politics. You know, I am a victim of the same politics! I have been left out of many movies without any reason. And all this happened because there was politics. Now FDC is also getting smaller.

As the reason for not being on the big screen, the actress said, according to the movies that are currently being played on the big screen, I am not getting the kind of offers that I want to play. That is why the amount of work has decreased.

Besides working on OTT platform, Purnima said, there are some stories, where some offensive scenes may have to be acted. But personally I can’t work on any offensive scenes. Since there is no censor in OTT, it turned out that the scene was very important to the story. I have to return all such stories. Later they may take a better actress. That’s why I think it’s my personal problem.

Poornima starrer ‘Ahare Jeevan’, ‘Gangchil’ and ‘Jam’ 3 movies are awaiting release.


The article is in Bengali

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