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Who is the purpose of Parimani status?

Who is the purpose of Parimani status?
Who is the purpose of Parimani status?

Entertainment Correspondent

Parimani doesn’t hold back when it comes to giving status or talking on Facebook. But recently, he has started giving status and talking in a little hint. For example, he gave a status on Facebook ID on Saturday night. In which he wrote, “He wants to go away with such a conspiracy!” Used some emojis at the end of the status. Which means to insult someone.

Parimani’s status now indicates who? Personal life anyone? Anyone in the industry? However, many people are comparing simple calculation two two to four. Saying, it is none other, Bubli.

The reason, however, is not at all irrelevant. A call record of Apu Biswas and Ganbangla chairman Farzana Munni went viral on Friday. Where Munni is heard saying, Bubli is having an affair with her husband Tapas. The status he gave on Facebook about it for a week was true. What Hacking later said was a lie.

In response, Bubli told the media that there is a conspiracy against him. Why was Apu Biswas in the call record? If there is any evidence, please bring it forward. If not, he will hold a press conference.

Parimani may have picked the word ‘conspiracy’ from Bubli’s statement. Moreover, film people know about Parimani’s closeness with Apu Biswas. All in all, it is more acceptable that he gave this status to Bubli. Although Parimani has nowhere admitted to whom he has given the status.

But the interesting thing is that Parimani and Bubli are supposed to act together in Tapas-Munni’s production company TM Films’ Khela Hobe.


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