Wearing a yellow saree, the young woman gave a wonderful dance in the midst of nature


Entertainment Desk: In today’s age, social media has become an important medium for today’s generation. Many are using this social media as a tool to showcase their talent in front of thousands of people. You are also getting the results.

In today’s age, it doesn’t take much time for anything to go viral on social media. And if a talented person wants to convey his own talent to everyone! Then he succeeded in that. Needless to say that.

Some people share videos of their songs, dances, drawings or recitations on social media pages. Everyone is interested in expressing their artistry through this social media. Recently, Visakha reached millions of people using her dancing talent. Known among some netizens. Many people like to watch her dance. Needless to say, social media has become one of the means of earning for the current generation.

Recently Visakha danced to the song ‘Varaan Dala Saja’ in the midst of nature. While making the video, she was seen in a yellow dhakai saree. She also wore a matching three-quarter blouse. He gave red flowers in the palm. There were matching ornaments too.

What would happen if there were mosquitoes in the hive instead of bees? The answer will not stop laughing guaranteed

Undoubtedly, he was completely dressed in Bengali clothes. Recently, around 1.3 million people have watched this video of her dancing. Many have liked it. Five months ago, he himself shared this dance video from his YouTube channel ‘Vishakha Official’. Currently, he has been praised by some of the netizens. Here is the video.

The article is in Bengali

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