‘Yantrana’ is finally being released: Sangbad Online

‘Yantrana’ is finally being released: Sangbad Online
‘Yantrana’ is finally being released: Sangbad Online

Dhallywood’s promising hero Adar Azad and newcomer Saima Smriti have teamed up for the first time in the love story movie ‘Yantrana’. Another heroine Mansi Prakriti is with Adar in this movie of Tribuj Press story. The movie is directed by Arifur Zaman Arif based on the story of Abdullah Zaheer Babu.

The production of the movie has been completed long ago. The release date of the movie was announced two weeks ago, but later the movie was not released on that date. The media was not informed about the postponement of the date. Its maker has announced the release of the movie in theaters across the country on November 10 (Friday).

However, nothing has been reported about the release.

Produced by Smart Multimedia, the movie has four songs. Sudeep Kumar Deep and Robin Islam wrote four songs each. The songs are sung by Akash Sen, Kana, Beli Afroz, Milan, Atiya Anisa, Ayan Chakladar and Karnia. Ambient music is directed by Eamon Saha.

The movie also starred Shatabdi Wadud, Don, Barada Mithu, Ashraf Kabir, Sohail Rashid, Gangua, Zahid, Parvez Suman, Sheikh Sapna, Parveen Akhtar, guest artiste Tanami Haque and others. The film was edited by Touhid Hossain Chowdhury with the cinematography by Paneer Ahmed.

Actress Saima Smriti said, ‘I am going to face the audience with a new movie for the first time. So expectations are a bit high. I wanted to travel with a good story. I tried my best to portray the character. The audience can tell the rest. Everyone is invited to come and watch the movie. Hopefully, the work of our first couple will be accepted well by the audience.’

Adar Azad said, ‘The movie is made on a love story. There is novelty in the story. The movie has been made keeping in mind the current times. This movie is the first time we have worked together. Hopefully, the audience will like the movie when it is released.’


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