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Deepika wants to be the mother of Vin Diesel’s child!

Deepika wants to be the mother of Vin Diesel’s child!
Deepika wants to be the mother of Vin Diesel’s child!

Dhaka: Deepika Padukone usually does not make any controversial comments. But recently he became a guest in the first episode of ‘Koffee with Karan’ season 8. Due to several comments made there, this ‘Mastani’ of Bollywood got involved in controversy without wanting to. The actress admitted to Karan that she had affairs with several men during her relationship with Ranveer Singh. But he was attracted to Ranveer only from his heart.

After the incident, the actress is again in discussion. Because this time also in Deepika’s comments. He said, his co-star ‘Triple X’ star Vin Dijole wants to be the mother of the child!

Deepika made her Hollywood debut in 2017 with XXX: The Gender Cage. Deepika’s chemistry with Vin Diesel in this film caught the attention of many. At that time, Deepika appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s popular American talk show. Ellen wants to know from Deepika, you are seen doing a lot of romance in the film. It is still going on. I can guess something by looking at your face. But what is true? Deepika smiled and said, “If there is no fire, is there smoke?” Although Deepika was in a relationship with Ranveer at that time.

A few days ago, Deepika came to Karan’s show and said that the actress quietly got engaged to Ranveer in 2015. After that Deepika went on Ellen’s show and said that she wants to be the mother of Vin’s child. Asked by Ellen about the rumors of a relationship between her and Vin, Deepika said, ‘It’s all going on in my head. Yeah, maybe I’m having beautiful babies with Vin Diesel in my head.’

An old video of the actress went viral on social media after Karan walked out of the show.


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