Undressed in front of the camera, Anjali Arora’s video is viral

Undressed in front of the camera, Anjali Arora’s video is viral
Undressed in front of the camera, Anjali Arora’s video is viral

Entertainment Desk: In today’s era, as the technology improves, the trend of using smartphones is increasing. Why won’t it happen anymore? Internet services and smartphones are becoming essential day by day to keep pace with the digital world. In the world of internet, the young generation is keen on making short videos.

Many have become overnight stars by posting short videos on various social media sites. The livelihood of many people is the short video of this social media. It can be said that most of the young generation is crazy about Instagram reel now.

The trend of making short videos around the world started with the TikTok app. Currently this app is banned in India. But seeing the trend of making shot videos among the younger generation, various popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram now have the feature of making short videos. Short videos on Instagram i.e. reels are trending these days. Recently a reel video is going viral in the internet world. And also many reel actresses are going viral.

Reel actress Anjali Arora gained popularity from the popular reality show Lockup. He won everyone’s hearts by dancing to the song ‘Kachha Badam’ in an impossibly beautiful manner. Fans went crazy seeing the beauty of her curvy figure on the beat of the song. Recently, Anjali Arora came back to the Internet world with such a reel video.

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She has won the hearts of fans with her glamorous avatar. In this video, this reel actress changed clothes and danced in front of the camera. Anjali has given a cute and sexy pose in the video. It goes without saying that Anjali looked absolutely gorgeous in this outfit.

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