Hrithik laughs at ‘thriller crowd’ in Tollygunge

Hrithik laughs at ‘thriller crowd’ in Tollygunge
Hrithik laughs at ‘thriller crowd’ in Tollygunge

Ritvik Chakraborty


Kolkata’s film industry is now enjoying detective stories and thrillers. And actor Ritvik Chakraborty has expressed disappointment about that.

He said, “Once upon a time I heard that there are no thrillers in Bengal. Who wanted to bring back. Now I can see what the condition of the industry is in the crowd of thrillers!

Hrithik will next be seen in the comedy film ‘Ektu Saree Basoon’ based on Balaichand Mukherjee’s short story. Hrithik played ‘Guddu’ in this movie directed by Kolkata filmmaker Kamleswar Mukherjee.

In a recent interview with Anandabazar, the actor spoke openly about the problems of the Tollywood industry while talking about his upcoming movie.

Anandabazar wanted to know how he felt after getting the offer to ‘step aside’.

The actor replied, “That’s right, this movie has nothing in common with the kind of movies Kamalda does. But I wasn’t too surprised. Because long ago Kamalda told me that she wanted to make a movie based on a short story of Banphool. Very good experience.”

Hrithik seems to have reduced the number of comedy based movies in Bengal now.

“At one point I did films like ‘Cross Connection’ and ‘Wedding Diaries’. But now there is no romcom. There have not been many social comedy films like this after ‘Bhoot Bhavadi’.”

Ritvik said that the audience likes such movies. But if everyone tries to ‘bring it back’ because it is not happening, then the problem arises. There is a rush of similar movies in the market.

Recently, the teaser of ‘Ektu Sare Basoon’ has been released on social media. The script of this movie is arranged around all the productions of ‘Guddu’.

A graduate in Sanskrit, Guddu hails from Begunbagicha, a small town in West Bengal. This young man is unemployed and has no aim in life.

Guddu’s family members and fellow Gondi people are also somewhat eccentric like him. At the insistence of his lover Peu, Guddu once came to Kolkata with the aim of getting a job.

That’s why Guddu, another character in the movie, is liked by a multinational company after entering various offices. This young man decided to get a job in the Fatekdar’s office. Fatekda is again Guddu’s relative. So Guddu appeared at Fatekda’s house with Talpitalpa.

Since then, Guddu has been involved in various incidents and acts of courage. For those works, the city press called Guddu ‘New Brother’.

Hrithik’s heroine Pauli Dam in the movie. Besides, actress Payal Sarkar, Isha Saha, Rajtav Dutt, Kharaj Mukhopadhyay, Mansi Saha, Vishwanath Bose and many others have worked.

Right now, Hrithik is busy shooting for the ‘Kalank’ web series. Directed by Sahana Dutt, the series stars Raima Sen opposite Hrithik.

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