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Puja’s new production of ‘Macbeth’ in Indonesia

Puja’s new production of ‘Macbeth’ in Indonesia
Puja’s new production of ‘Macbeth’ in Indonesia

Bangladeshi dancer and director Pooja Sengupta has been invited to the Kiram Arts Festival organized by the Indonesian government. This is what the artistic director of Turangami said.

It will be held in Indonesia’s Kalimantan province from November 8-12.

Turangami’s new production ‘Macbeth’ will be staged at the festival with a solo performance by Pooja Sengupta. Talking about the production, Pooja said, “This is a thematic performance of Macbeth’s present relevance and form. I am under the idea, design, choreography and direction. Hope my performance will be liked by the festival goers.”

Pooja SenguptaPooja flew to Jakarta from Dhaka to attend the festival on November 6. There, Pooja Sengupta will conduct a workshop on her own techniques of production and production, along with a 5-minute performance of ‘Macbeth’. Where international artists from different fields will participate.

Apart from Bangladesh, mainstream artists from Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Ghana, Mexico, India, Taiwan, Netherlands, Morocco, United Kingdom, Cambodia, Germany, Thailand, New Zealand, South Korea, China and host Indonesia are participating in the festival.Pooja Sengupta

The article is in Bengali

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