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Three wins for Jaya

Three wins for Jaya
Three wins for Jaya

Time is going well for Nandit actress Jaya Ahsan. He is getting good news one after another. His Durga Puja movie ‘Dasham Avtar’ in West Bengal was a hit. The movie business is also good. In the meantime, new achievements have also come in the career.

Akram Khan’s ‘Nakshikanthaarzamin’ starring him won the Busan Peace film Utsavesera film award. Her name has been announced as the newly announced Bangladesh National Film Award 2022-Esera actress. With this, he is going to win this prestigious film award for the fifth time. All in all his Jupiter should be exalted. This actress who is equally popular in Bengal is excited about this.

Every award is a joy, a recognition of good work. It is definitely a good feeling. A day before that, I got the news that my movie was awarded in Busan. Two good news came after another.

National Film Awards

Jaya starrer movie ‘Dasham Avatar’ is playing in West Bengal during Pooja. The actress is currently staying there for the promotion of the movie. When she was busy, she got to know the news of Bangladesh National Film Award 2022-Esera award as an actress. Although he is abroad, he has received good news from the country. Expressing her feelings, Jaya said, ‘Every award is a joy, a recognition of good work. It is definitely a good feeling. A day before that, I got the news that my movie was awarded in Busan. Two good news came after another. People are congratulating me. Colleagues are making positive comments on social media. It feels good. I worked hard for the government grant film ‘Beauty Circus’. All the hard work has been worth it by getting the reward. My family members are also happy with the good news. First of all thanks to the ‘Beauty Circus’ team. Without them this achievement might not have been possible. This achievement belongs to everyone in the team. I think everyone in the team is happy with this achievement. Congratulations to all from me. The life of the circus team members is very challenging. I would like to dedicate the award to all the members.’

Busan won

Fiction writer Hasan Azizul Haque’s popular story ‘Widwad’er Katha’. The writer has brought out the political context of that time with the life of two sisters Rahela and Saleha of a village during the war of liberation. Jaya Ahsan acted in the movie ‘Nakshikanthar Zamin’, a story of such a story. Akram Khan’s film recently won the ‘Long Term Excellence Award’ as a feature film at the 14th Busan Peace Film Festival in South Korea. The award was given to the movie on October 29 at the closing ceremony of the festival. Jaya said, ‘My film has won an award in this important festival of independent art films. It’s a lot of fun. This film has received international recognition. In a sense, I think it is recognition of the unknown history of our great freedom war. It has been exhibited and awarded in various international festivals. Now the audience of the country is waiting to watch the movie. I hope that the movie will win everyone’s hearts in the country too.

The tenth incarnation

In 2013, Hyjay made his debut in Kolkata cinema with the film ‘Awarta’. In total, the number of movies he acted in is 16. He appeared in front of the audience with a different character in each movie. Jaya appeared in a new form in the movie ‘Dasham Avatar’. The movie earned more than six crore rupees in just seven days after its release in Pooja. With this movie, Jaya acted together after five years under the direction of the talented director Srijit Mukherjee. Apart from Prasenjit Chatterjee, the movie also stars Anirban Bhattacharya, Yeshu Sengupta. The movie is going to be a milestone in his acting career. He has won the praises of the audience and movie buffs by acting. Jaya has completed a career of 10 years in Calcutta. How do you feel about the success of ‘Dasham Avatar’ at such a time? “If any movie does good business, the industry is more profitable. Audience increases in festival movies. But more viewers than expected have seen ‘Dasham Avatar’, which filled me with a different kind of love.’- said Jaya.

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