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Not my clothes, Deepjol’s behavior is obscene: Idhika Pal

Not my clothes, Deepjol’s behavior is obscene: Idhika Pal
Not my clothes, Deepjol’s behavior is obscene: Idhika Pal

Actress Idhika Pal from Kolkata became the talk of the town by acting in Priyatama with Shakib Khan. Although she did not get the title of heroine in Kolkata, she got the status of queen in Dhaka. In other words, he got the opportunity to share the screen with Shakib, the top actor of Dhakai cinema, in the film Abhishik.

This one picture brought him to the center of discussion. However, instead of seeing Idhika’s performance positively, the actress wears obscene clothes – said Bangladeshi actor Manowar Hossain Dipzal. Idhika replied to this comment.

Idhika, who is visiting recently, wants to know about Dipzal’s obscenity comments. He is the lord of cinema in this regard. What can I say to him, he is a big man in the cinema. There is nothing new to say about him. But let me say one thing. As far as I know he told me that I am expected to dress indecently. I have a question to him, which is vulgar?

Idhika Pal said, so far the work that I have, has been done; I didn’t think there was profanity anywhere. Another question – He is senior than me, I did not expect such a question from him. Not only clothes are obscene, but the mind is also obscene. Commenting on a girl’s dress code on a social media platform is rude, not mine.

Idhika has been visiting Dhaka frequently lately. It is known that the heroine of Shakib’s visit this time to inaugurate a beauty treatment showroom.

The article is in Bengali

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