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Amirkanya’s pre-wedding ceremony began!

Amirkanya’s pre-wedding ceremony began!
Amirkanya’s pre-wedding ceremony began!

Black color sleeveless blouse with red saree. Jasmine flowers in the palm, ornaments in the ears and neck. Kissing fitness coach-lover Nupur Shikhar. In other words, two months before the wedding, Aamir Khan’s family will dress up.

Wedding bells will ring soon at Aamir Khan’s house. His daughter, Ira Khan is about to get married in Sat Pak. Ira has chosen fitness coach Nupur Shikre as her life partner. This star’s daughter got engaged in November last year.

He shared some pictures on social media on Monday night. Where Aamir’s daughter was seen dressed in flowers. Ira and Nupur are scheduled to get married in January 2024.

According to Hindustan Times, the legal marriage will take place on January 3. And that is in Mumbai. Then on January 8-10 there will be a 3-day royal event in Rajasthan. From mehendi to music, yellow everything will be in full swing. But only the families of the bride and groom, and close friends will be invited.

But Aamir Khan has become as excited and emotional as a father. According to him, I am already too emotional. I will cry a lot that day. Everyone in the house has started saying that Aamir will have to handle that day. Actually I can’t control my crying or laughing.

Ira is interested in working not in front of the screen, but behind the screen. Aamir’s daughter directed a play several years ago. On the other hand, Nupur is the fitness coach of stars like Ami Khan, Sushmita Sen.

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