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What Katrina had to say about the ‘towel scene’

What Katrina had to say about the ‘towel scene’
What Katrina had to say about the ‘towel scene’

While Salman Khan as Tiger, Emraan Hashmi as the villain in the much awaited movie ‘Tiger 3’, another scene stole the limelight. The scene in which Katrina Kaif is seen fighting in a towel.

Even though the trailer has been praised on social media, the towel scene is being talked about a lot. Hollywood stuntwoman Michelle Lee fought with Katrina wearing a towel. But Katrina said that she had to suffer a lot for the scene.

Hindustan Times reports that the scene was shot in a hammamkhana (bathhouse) in Turkey. Recounting the experience of that time, Katrina said, ‘This scene was difficult to work on, as it was shot in a steamy bathroom. The steam made punching, kicking or jabbing challenging. I don’t think Indian cinema has seen such a scene before, where two women fight in towels.’

Katrina Kaif said that she loves to work in risky scenes, ‘I always love to work in risky action scenes. And this franchise (Tiger) has always given me such opportunities. The audience will see that a woman can fight equally like a man.’

‘Tiger 3’ is the fifth movie in the spy universe of Yash Raj Films. It is produced by Manish Sharma. Apart from Salman, Katrina and Emraan, it also features Ridhi Dogra, Revati, Kumud Mishra, Ranbir Shorey and others. It is rumored that Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan will appear in guest roles in the film. It will release worldwide on November 12.

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