5 Features of YouTube Music

5 Features of YouTube Music
5 Features of YouTube Music

Photo: CollectedYouTube Music entered the market in 2015 to compete with Spotify. The app mainly provides songs and song videos. YouTube Music is active in about 104 countries in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. According to Google data, about 2 billion people come to listen to music on YouTube Music every month. Google recently added some new features to YouTube Music to make users more musical. The new feature will increase the interest of the customers in the songs. There will be some additional benefits.

Lyrics of the song
From now on, songs can be heard on mobile or computer screen in harmony with the lyrics. By selecting the lyrics of a specific part of a song, the song will play right from there. Google is basically working on that goal so that users can easily find and listen to their favorite songs. New features coming soon for Home tab. Through which users can quickly find favorite songs and favorite artists. The feature aims to save time as well as make the world of music enjoyable.

Find new songs easily
YouTube introduces users to new songs through short videos in the Samples tab. Users can swipe to change songs. If you want, you can download your favorite song to your library. Essentially, this feature will give you a taste of new music without the hassle.

Changes in the listening experience
According to users’ preferences, YouTube Music has created listening sessions. Users can create their own radio stations according to their favorite artists and music genres.

Cover art with AI
Google is testing a feature for English speakers in the United States. It can create cover images for your playlists through AI. Users can choose images from different visual themes to keep their personal playlists unique. The AI-powered cover photo feature is currently only available in the US, but will be available in other regions and languages ​​in the future.

Communication with others
Commenting system is also being added to YouTube Music from now on. Users can join any discussion as well as share their thoughts with everyone. There is a system of communication with the big community through the app. Apart from this, the feature is very useful for sharing the thoughts of music lovers.

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