The characters are alone

The characters are alone
The characters are alone

A drone flying over the tea gardens of Srimangal saw the breathtaking beauty of green Bengal. At the same time, the title and credit line of the movie caught the eye. The name of the movie is Megher Kapat. This is the first movie of director Walid Ahmed. Besides writing the screenplay of the movie, Walid is also the co-producer. Released on November 3.

The story of the movie produced under the banner of Sadamata Entertainment is also simple, simple, but enjoyable. There are no villain threats, no rush-fights, no screaming. The director tried to walk along that line with the cloud cover of what it means to be a drama film. Playing with beautiful frames, great color combinations, eye-catching drone shots, the director seems to have forgotten that this is a movie, leaving some cinematic and dramatic excitement ingredients elusive.

The story goes like this: Dhruva works in a tea garden. The shadow of the boss’s affection is over him. Mother Nila is a songstress, teaching music to young children. And keep his son very carefully. One elder brother Saif was found to be a constant friend of the music man. He composes songs, writes songs regularly. The job is not always pleasant. In love with Tanya. During a project visit to Dhruvar’s office, Zara who came from abroad fell in love with Dhruvar. A dark cloud descends on Dhruv and Tanya’s love garden.

Naturally Dhruv-Tania’s love wins in the end in the love triangle game. Zara suffers. In the meantime, Dhruvar Baba Akash suddenly appeared. It is known that before the birth of Dhruvar, he was forced to leave home after the news of his wife’s suicide. After so long he found his wife and children. But Dhruvar Ma doesn’t want to give him a place in her own world built by long-term loneliness.

It felt like: Without seeing his wife’s body, the news of suicide left everything and the father became despondent for years. The characters run alone in the entire movie. big alone There are very few people around. As such, Tanvi talked about her father, while none of her family appeared anywhere on the canvas of the story. Starting from Saif, not even a shadow of anyone’s family was seen. The director would have done well if he had not cast Yvonne in the dual role of Dhruvar’s father. In several scenes, the actors’ movements and continuity are not matching. Unnecessary stretching of some scenes, repetition of the same scenes, trying to make a movie with a small number of actors, shows the lack of budget. Apart from the first scene, even the mid-intermission of the movie does not make any impact on the second half. The project that Zara came to visit did not understand anything about the project. In the whole movie, hardly any tea workers or local people were seen, and it felt like running an office with only two workers.

Liked: The songs of the movie are amazing. The lyrics and melody will stick in your ears for a long time. Everyone acted well. However, Yvonne’s performance is riveting from start to finish. A very ordinary boy’s extraordinary personality, speech and all-time fluent acting indicate Yvonne’s illustrious career. As the first movie, the story lacked a twist, but Waleed went into production. But remember, mainstream cinema has always been a place of commerce and competition. Here the first production or the last production is not important, the main thing is to win the hearts of the audience.

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