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‘Tom Cruise’ turned his face, Kangana sat on the way

‘Tom Cruise’ turned his face, Kangana sat on the way
‘Tom Cruise’ turned his face, Kangana sat on the way

Aadipurush, Ganapath, Yaaria-2 and The Vaccine War—the list of flops this year is not short. The new addition to that list is Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Tejas’. And the actress is being trolled extensively for this film. Many people say that there can be no worse picture than this. Kangana’s ‘Tejas’ is nowhere near Hollywood’s ‘Top Gun’. He is a kind of Tom Cruise.

Queen spent 60 crore rupees to make this film. But compared to that, the total income of the film in the first three days is 3 crore rupees. Many people say that Kangana is sitting on the road by making pictures. Kangana Ranaut currently has more works than any other actress in Bollywood, but her market is in the doldrums at the box office. Earlier ‘Thalaivi’ flopped. Then 85 crores ‘Dhakar’ flopped at the box office.

The results of ‘Chandramukhi 2’, released in September this year, are not good at the box office. However, the multiple national award winning actress made a desperate attempt to urge people to watch her film in cinema halls. However, according to the owners, one show after another is being cancelled. No tickets are being sold. 4-5 people are not coming to see.

Incidentally, the film portrays the bravery and valor of the Indian Army personnel through the character of Air Force pilot Tejas Gill.


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