Ratan Tata fell madly in love with the actress, but that love remained unfulfilled


International Desk: It is said that to survive in life one needs someone from whom love, honor and respect can be gained. This report tells about the romance of India’s most respected businessman, Ratan Tata. Today Ratan Tata needs no new introduction. This ex-chairman of Tata Group is respected all over the world. Even he got success in every field of business.

Sir Ratan Tata has achieved every milestone in the business world, which are dreams of other businessmen. After taking over as chairman of the Tata Group in 1991, the company’s revenue grew 40 times and profits reached 50 times. Ratan Tata pays thousands of crores of tax every year and also donates a lot of money.

The story of Ratan Tata’s education and early career to become Chairman of the Tata Group is very inspiring. But the biggest thing in his life is about his marriage. Even today, the same question comes to many people’s minds that even after being so successful, why didn’t he get married? Did he fall in love with someone?

It is true that Ratan Tata never married anyone but love came not once or twice but four times in his life. But even once could not reach the stage of marriage. When Ratan Tata returned to India after his studies, he fell in love with a film actress, Simi Grewal. They have been dating each other for a long time and the actress herself has told this.

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Simi Grewal revealed that she had a long relationship with Ratan Tata. Even praised Ratan Tata a lot. He said that he is a perfect person and his feelings are amazing. Simi said that money is not very important to him. Regarding the marriage, Grewal said, for some reason they could not take the relationship forward, so the marriage did not take place.

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