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Concert to Gaza from Dhaka in aid of Palestinians

Concert to Gaza from Dhaka in aid of Palestinians
Concert to Gaza from Dhaka in aid of Palestinians

A group of young people from Dhaka has organized a concert to help Palestinians who are victims of genocide. Organized by the ‘Artist Against Genocide Front’ platform, the concert is titled ‘To Gaza from Dhaka’. Proceeds from the concert will go to the Red Crescent or the Palestine Children’s Fund to provide food and medical care to the war-torn and destitute civilian population of Palestine. The concert will be organized on November 14 at Dhaka University grounds. But the date may change due to unavoidable reasons. Musician Ahmed Hasan Sani, one of the spokespersons of the organizing platform, said that even during our freedom struggle, many artists spoke from different parts of the world, calling for an end to genocide. We are their descendants. The concert is not a private event. Here everyone can participate at their own will. He said that at least 15 bands and musicians will perform in this concert. Meanwhile Maqsood and Dhaka, Zoad Reza Chowdhury of Nemesis Band, Carnival, Masha Islam, Rapper Safayet, Asir Arman have been finalized. A few more bands and artists will be finalized in a few days. He also said that in addition to the concert, cartoonist Morshed Mishu will draw protest graffiti against the ongoing genocide in Palestine on the walls of the city. We are both united in our urge to do something for the Palestinians first. I have thought about the concert. Here any artist can be our partner with any of his work. Be it painting, creating murals or anything. The ticket price has been kept at 500 rupees. But if someone wants to donate more than that, that arrangement has also been kept, said Ahmed Hasan Sani.

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