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Showbiz is in turmoil due to political unrest


The election is ahead. Ahead of the election, the political unrest in the country has reached an extreme level. In the meantime, BNP and like-minded parties have called for a blockade. Incidents of setting fire to various vehicles have also taken place amid the blockade. What will happen next is also uncertain. When this is the case, its impact is clear in showbiz as well. Although it was normal till October, political unrest is affecting every branch of showbiz this November. Because there is less traffic on the road, the shooting has to be stopped. Again, the shooting dates of many works have been postponed. Even movies are influencing.

As a result of the blockade and agitation, where the audience feels it is a risk to go down to the streets, it is far from going to the cinema hall. On the other hand, the release of new songs is not considered the right time. Because if the political situation is not good, the music companies consider making or releasing music there as a business loss. All in all, the state of showbiz is quite turbulent. Meanwhile, Aruna Biswas’ first film ‘Asambhab’ was released on 21st under such political conditions.

Although the director is quite optimistic about the government grant film, he has to accept the situation. Aruna Biswas told Manavzamin that we had to release ‘disbelief’ within the siege. Because I didn’t want to be late anymore. But the way the political unrest is going, releasing the film is really risky. But I took that risk. I think the political situation needs to be normal for cinema as well as any cultural practice. Another film ‘Megher Kapat’ was released on the same date. Meanwhile, several films are scheduled to be released in this November. These are- ‘Yantrana’, ‘Shamakavya’, ‘Strange Boy’ and some films. The producers and directors of these films are also worried about the business aspect. Meanwhile, at least half a dozen films are awaiting release in December, but they may be canceled if the political situation is such.

Like movies, plays have also been affected by the blockade. The shooting of at least a dozen dramas has already been postponed. Because traveling or shooting during the blockade is considered a ‘risk’ by the people involved in the drama. Again due to this there is a possibility of increasing the cost of drama. Meanwhile, various companies do not think it is the right time to release songs at this time. Because now everyone’s eyes are on the political situation. So people pay less attention to music or entertainment. So most of the songs that were supposed to be released in November have been cancelled. Many companies have also told Manabzamin that they will not invest in music until the political situation normalizes. Meanwhile, artists and musicians have also suffered. Because several stage shows have already been canceled due to the blockade. Even though there is a stage season ahead, it is more likely to be destroyed due to political unrest, but the people associated with music think this time.

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