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These web series are shaking the net world, don’t forget to watch it in front of your family


Entertainment Desk: Wherever there is prohibition, there is a lot of interest, and people of all ages flock there. Male or female, almost everyone is interested in taboo. And many OTT platforms have gained popularity by using this religion of people.

Where almost every web series these days is released with ‘hot’ and ‘bold’ scenes. That’s why most of the ‘erotic’ webseries are secretly gaining popularity recently. They are decorated with stories and scenes, which can accompany people’s private time.

This report will discuss some such OTT platforms, where you have to find ‘privacy’ at home to watch some of the webseries available. Aye yes, these webseries are made with scenes so daring, that you have to be alone to watch them. Otherwise various problems may occur.

(1) Ullu: OTT platform called ‘Ullu’ has already secretly gained popularity among the audience for producing web series or short films for adults. Almost every week some daring webseries is released here. Some of the popular bold webseries on this platform are- ‘Rain Bossera’, ‘Jolebi Bye’, ‘Taaap’, ‘Madho’s Diary-Good Wife’, ‘Panchali’, ‘Watchman’, ‘Doraha’, ‘Gonika’ etc. Also some of the thriller webseries available on this platform are- ‘Paper’, ‘Paro’, ‘Inspiration’.

(2) MX Player Online: Initially launched as a video player, but gradually improving its online part, MX Player has become a popular OTT platform. This platform has also seen several bold webseries in the past. Some of the popular webseries on this platform are – ‘Ashram’, ‘Mastaram’, ‘Hello Mini’ etc. Thriller series like ‘Dharavi Bank’ and ‘Bahukal’ are also available here.

(3) Koku: Day by day ‘Koku’ web platform has gained popularity secretly. Here too, the content is packed in all the bold series. Some of the popular bold series on this platform are – ‘What the Fff’, ‘Desire Papa’, ‘Chul-Room Service’, ‘Chuppi Bazar’, ‘Gulabjamun’, ‘Bublipur’ etc.

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(4) Alot Balaji: This OTT platform has gained popularity mainly by making series or shorts for the audience of all ages. However, several banned webseries have secretly gained popularity on this platform. Some of Alot Balaji’s bold web series include ‘Gandi Baat’, ‘Baby Kam Na’, ‘Virgin Bhaskar’, ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ etc. Also ‘Abduction’, ‘State Vs Nanavati’ are two popular thriller series on this platform.

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