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Idhika is waiting for the final decision


Idhika Pal made her cast known by acting in a TV serial in West Bengal. He made his film debut in Dhaka with the movie ‘Priyatma’. Bajimat in the first movie itself. After that he was often seen in Dhaka. Inaugurated a showroom in Dhanmondi last Saturday evening. Apart from this, he will participate in some events. It is known that he will give time to various TV channels.

Idhika said, ‘Dhaka feels like my own now. For this reason, I come on vacation whenever I get time. When I come to Dhaka, I don’t realize how the time passes in various activities. I am impressed by the love of the people of this country. This trip is four days. I will return to Kolkata on November 7.’

Meanwhile, ‘Priyatma’ was released in theaters in three Indian states on Friday. Idhika has teamed up with Shakib Khan in the film Qurbani Eid directed by Himel Ashraf. The actress said that she is getting good response from the audience of her country.

He commented, “Just as ‘Priyatma’ has created a response in Bangladesh, the audience in West Bengal has also received it well. Although I did not get a chance to share my joy with the audience of my country. I came to Dhaka after the release of the movie. When the movie was released in this country, there was an expectation that it would be released in West Bengal as well. My wish has been fulfilled.”

The movie is running simultaneously in West Bengal, Assam and Tripura in India. The audience has given a positive response to the movie. Idhikar wants to watch the movie with everyone on his return to West Bengal.

Meanwhile, this actress is scheduled to act in another film called ‘Kabi’ in Bangladesh. Star actor Shariful Raj will be seen opposite him in this. It will be directed by Hasibur Reza Kallol.

Regarding acting in this film, Idhika said, ‘I have spoken to the producer. Not yet signed. I enjoyed reading the manuscript. Will go back to Calcutta and study again. Only then will I take a final decision about the movie. Nothing can be said right now. Let’s see what happens.’

At one time Idhikar spent busy time in TV serials but now he is not available in serials like that. Want to be busy in films. For this reason, you have to make a conscious decision about acting in the movie. He got offers to act in some movies in Kolkata. Didn’t say ‘yes’ to anyone. He liked the script of two movies. If the bat-ball matches, he may be able to give good news about the new movie soon.

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