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Raima Sen Birthday Plan: Came to Kolkata to shoot a web series. He finished the shoot. The name of the series is ‘Kalank’. Sahana Dutt’s ‘Kalank’ series. As everyone knows this series was announced through the poster launch at the party of ‘Hiichi’.

Raima Sen

Hearing the name Raima Sen creates a ‘sen’ session in the mind of the audience. The picture of three generations floated before the eyes; Suchitra Sen, Moonmoon Sen and finally Raima and Rhea Sen. Raima Sen is being talked about because Raima’s birthday is late at night. Raima is busy wrapping up her scheduled shoot in Kolkata. In the midst of that, a quick conversation with TV9 Bangla. When asked about his birthday plans, he said, “I will be in Mumbai. There is no vacation, I will be shooting.” When asked about the shooting, he said, “I will be shooting for a Hindi film.” Then the professional actress added, “But don’t talk about it.” Much like Jatayu’s famous dialogue: ‘No question.’ But Suchitra’s granddaughter will only be busy with work on her birthday? The heroine replied, “I’ll enjoy the holiday later.”

Similarly, actress Raima Sen left by air on Monday (November 6): Destination Mumbai. But what was the heroine busy shooting in Kolkata? Talking to Raima, it was learned that she had come to Kolkata for the shooting of a web series. He finished the shoot. The name of the series is ‘Kalank’. Sahana Dutt’s ‘Kalank’ series. As everyone knows this series was announced through the poster launch at the party of ‘Hiichi’. However, the creator Sahana did not want to reveal anything other than the poster.

Raima Sen is playing the lead role in this series, opposite to her is actor Ritvik Chakraborty. When the Raima-Hrithik duo is in the series, there will be something special for the audience. However, everyone is in awe of this. But inside Tollypara news, Raima Sen has overworked for this ‘Kalank’ series. Although her look in this series is similar to that of a Bengali housewife. However, the producers do not want to say anything about the genre of story ‘Kalank’ will tell. Inside news, however, says that there is a family drama. With some twists. This series will be ready for viewers very soon.

Raima Sen

Raima Sen’s character in the ‘Kalank’ series is definitely something special. All the characters played by Ryant Raima still have a permanent place in the hearts of the Bengali audience. As the days progressed, he gave new challenges to his actor self. Be it Bengali series or movies, in all cases, Luke has brought different shades of the character while maintaining the same look. Be it ‘Hallo’ or ‘Raktakarbi’, the role of a housewife has also changed the perspective. Now to see what will be his specialty in ‘Kalank’. On the other hand, Raima is seen in various roles in Bollywood. Like a scheming businesswoman in ‘Black Widows’, and a different character in ‘Mai’. Recently received appreciation from the audience for his negative role in ‘Vaccine War’.

While working in Bollywood, Raima is also working in Bengali series-movies. However, he wants to test himself in various roles instead of doing one type of work. Raima Sen likes to work even on her birthday, as she focuses on adding in her ‘Me Time’. He also did theater workshops. A few days ago, some pictures were seen on social media, where he was present in Sudipta Chakraborty’s theater class. However, the heroine also likes to party. He said that he will take leave after work and also enjoy the birthday party. Happy birthday to this Toli-Boli actress from TV9 Bengal.

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