Crores of income by showing the black color of the body


Lifestyle Desk: This girl is earning crores of rupees with the help of her skin color. Even driving hundreds of guys crazy. This girl’s name is Naakim Gatwech. Naakim is also called Queen of the Darkness. It means ‘queen of darkness.’

Model Naakim Gatwech Naakim from South Sudan now lives in Minneapolis, USA.

This girl’s skin color is the darkest skin color in the world. Not only the whites, but others also looked askance at the young black woman. But Niakim did not care about anything. Standing in front of the camera as a model. He presented himself with confidence.

Naakim Gatwech Pictures of Naakim have been spread on social media. Got a new name ‘Queen of Darkness.’ Niakim had to listen to many words for the color of the skin. Once a car driver wanted to pay 10 thousand dollars to Niakim. Instead, the color should be white.

Niakim endures all this. But he blew it with a smile. Tell the story of the driver who brings up the color. Niachim avoids those who walk with a negative mind. He said, his skin is like others.

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Naakim Gatwech, this dark skin model from South Sudan, earns more money than many white skin models in the world. His net worth is nine million US dollars. Which is about 80 crores in Bangladeshi Taka. He has over a million followers on Instagram.

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