Is Prabhas retreating with ‘Salar’ in fear of Shah Rukh?


Prabhas’ ‘Saalaar’ was slated to release on the same day as Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Dunky’. Many people did not see the clash of two big films at the box office. Now it is heard that Prabhas is retreating with ‘Salar’.

‘Saalar’ was supposed to release in September this year. The release of the film was postponed to December 22 due to some post-production work remaining. The release date of ‘Dunky’ was already fixed on the same day. Many criticized the decision to release ‘Sala’ on the same day knowingly. Many consider this clash of Bollywood movies with southern films as harmful to the film industry and dirty politics. But now it is heard that the release of ‘Salar’ will be delayed again.

Bkash JulyBkash July

Three big budget films like ‘Saaho’, ‘Radheshyam’, ‘Adipurush’ have failed at the box office. After so many flops, ‘Saalaar’ is important for Prabhas’ career. The business of this film will determine the actor’s future. On the other hand, following the skyrocketing success of ‘Pathan’ and ‘Jawan’, everyone is sure that ‘Dunky’ will also be a superhit. Rajkumar Hirani’s construction on it is different from all. All in all, it would be a suicidal decision not to retreat.

It is heard that the producer-maker of ‘Saalar’ has decided to release the film in 2024. Some scenes of the film will be reshot. Also some post production work is left. All in all, they do not want to release in December.

Reneta JuneReneta June

No one has yet made an official statement about the image being pushed back. However, the film’s crew’s silence and non-publicity are fueling rumors of a pushback in the release date.

‘Dunky’ focuses on the problem of immigrants or refugees living illegally in the United States and Canada. Shah Rukh Khan’s heroine is Taapsee Pannu. Also starring Dharmendra and Vicky Kaushal in important roles.

Shruti Haasan is teaming up with Prabhas in the action-thriller movie Salaar. Also starring Prithviraj, Jagpath Babu, Ishwari Rao etc. It is being directed by Prashant Neel of ‘KGF’ fame.

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