Nachiketa is coming to the concert in Bangladesh

Nachiketa is coming to the concert in Bangladesh
Nachiketa is coming to the concert in Bangladesh

The famous singer of West Bengal Nachiketa Chakraborty is coming to Dhaka on November 10. He will sing in the concert titled ‘Nachiketa Live in Dhaka with Joy Shahriar’. Azab Records and Azab Factory have taken the initiative to bring this artist. It is known that this artist, who is known as ‘Vriddhashram’, will sing solo for the first time even though he has performed in several concerts in Bangladesh before.

In 1993, Nachiketa’s first album, ‘Ai Besh Bho Ahai’, was released. The song ‘Neelanjana’ from this album became very popular. Still back in people’s faces. Basically this concert is being organized in Dhaka on the occasion of celebrating 30 years of album and career. The venue is Krishibid Institute Bangladesh (KIB) auditorium in the capital.

Musician Jai Shahriar, the founder and CEO of the organizing organization, told the media that when I went to Kolkata last July, I told Nachiketa Dada that I wanted to celebrate his 30 years in Bangladesh. I am interested in organizing a concert. He loves me very much. After a few days, Dada agreed to the concert. This concert is basically to celebrate his career.

Meanwhile, preparations are going on for the concert. Tickets are available on the Get Set Rock website. The price of silver category ticket is Rs 2000 and gold category is Rs 3000. Apart from this, there is a special ‘Student Package’ for students, where there is a discount of Tk 1000. This concert is supported by Toffee, Go Zayan and Universal Medical College Hospital.

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